Fitness Writing in the UK

Fitness is a passion. A dedication.

Teaching, training and motivating other people to achieve their goals is a skill. For people in the health and fitness industry and for serious trainers, it’s a way of life.

I’m passionate about training, lifting weights, building strength and conditioning, and have been for over a decade.

I’m also a passionate writer, content marketer and website manager. I love writing incredibly useful content that informs and educates a reader – you’re on my Strength Bible website, take a look around!

It’s likely you haven’t got much time. Writing is difficult. It takes time. Hours of researching, creating a plan, writing the words and editing them afterwards.

I can transfer this passion and knowledge to your reader and your brand. It’s a long term investment, but it will pay off.

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Why blogging and writing still works in 2022

I’m a writer. A blog writer.

Is that a bit old school?

Perhaps, if you compare it to TikTok.

Does it still work?


Writing blogs on what people want to read about is still relevant. More than this. Good blog writing is about writing what people are actively searching for.

It’s not shoving some form of advertising in their face. It’s almost the opposite. People are organically seeking out your content and finding it because it’s the best quality and most relevant.

Blog writing plus knowing what people search for will bring you visitors and success in 2022. Sometimes people search and they want to watch a video that answers their query. Absolutely fine.

But more often than not, people still want to read an answer. This is where blogging comes into its own. Written content is going nowhere.

So, blogging still works. Believe it or not, many, many topics are still underserved by search engines. Even the well-covered topics age, need updating and improving over time.

High quality blog writing still brings in a steady stream of visitors on a monthly basis. It’s consistent and sustainable.

This is why blog writing still works in 2022. And this is why I’m a blog writer. Good job too because I love it.

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The 3 things that make me a specialist fitness writer

  1. Passion – I’m mad passionate about health and fitness. I love nothing better than starting my day off with an early morning gym session.
  2. Experience – I’m a professional writer, content marketer and SEO pro. I’ve forged a career in this which has brought me to where I am now. I know what I’m doing.
  3. Knowledge – I’ve been weight lifting for over a decade and have excellent foundational knowledge. I’m also a life-longer learner and have a love of education – the learning journey never stops!

If you want an expert fitness writer and you’re keen to get in touch with me, you can by emailing